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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fun and Happiness?

These three friends are all pretty unique in flavour
I feel like a hostage to creating these Happy Tiler peeps!
Truly they are nothing special...they just appear.
Even when I try to deviate by creating something else 
they call on me to return! There are three to a page in
my art journal and each page has a bit of a story! 
I photograph them,  digitally cut them out and 
mount them on a digital background! I am showing 
six but there are so many! Each so individual!
I'm just going with it to see where it takes me!
This is Gay she is still cold even though it's spring
  Recently as I peruse social media many bits of
seeming perfection and fun pop out at me!
As I scan the photos I wonder if they are truly happy!
Over the years I have seen many folks filling up on material
items and lavish events and I wonder if that sustains happiness
in their world. Upon inquiry, and over time I realize it's only
fun but doesn't always measure the contented soul.
Or true happiness!
Guy has always hated his name and his nose!
Fun can be a fleeting moment of happiness, sure!
However if happiness isn't at the foundation of
who you are then nothing  can truly be fun enough,
can it?
Kelsey is a dancer but feels she will never attain her dreams
So many people today are chasing fun. Each of us has our
own measure  of fun. For some it may be hiking in a desert, 
which would be my nightmare. Add an "S" to that desert,  
make it a dessert, at a quaint cafe with a side of intimate
 conversation along with a coffee, and I'm all in! 
My kind of fun/bliss! Scrabble too!
Brandon is quirky and happy always looks for something new to learn
Everyone enjoys different types of fun!
Years ago I gravitated to the beach, 
  lake or ocean, it was my momentary fun,
 but more it was a comfort, a place
of solace when life wasn't the happiest! 
For me water was always a conduit to 
spiritual awakening!  
Corey loves solitude and books
 Can you truly have fun when you aren't happy?
I think you can, but it's a quick fix, a momentary high,
a diversion.  It can't sustain joy or that content 
feeling like true happiness does!
Johnson is a creative peaceful soul who writes poetry
 I love the quote, " Do more of what makes you happy!"
I think the distinction between happy and fun would 
needs to be defined to make that happen! 
If you're happy when your kids are around and
they're always joking and laughing then it's fun.
However if they like to argue and fight that"s not
so fun, but having them around makes you
 happy anyway! In that case happiness would
 be your foundation to endure that!
These three hang together and all have low self-esteem
I still believe  happiness can't be found in other people,
or things, or fun,  it truly is a choice. I wasn't always happy.
It wasn't until I truly found what I love to do, and found
joy in the small everyday things that I found how to feel
happiness! It doesn't mean there aren't unhappy times.
There are...but when happiness is your foundation
it's easier to endure the hardships!

Do you need fun to feel happy? 
What is your favourite kind of fun?

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Painted Easter bunny done over a month ago.
When I'm looking for a certain type of  inspiration I often
  punch  a word into the search bar of my eleven year old blog
and  read former posts! It's a plethora of information,
some I'd completely forgotten. It's like a visit with my old self!
Digital colour edits!
It's interesting how much we can change over the years,
yet stay the same. As the blossoms begin and leaves
  return to trees I am reminded of the beauty of renewal.
  I ask myself what I'd like to renew at this juncture!
Five years ago  I was in a quandary figuring out
 a paint colour for my bedroom. Which started a few years 
previous!  I am still wavering back and forth about a colour!
  I know better than to decide willy nilly, but the better 
part of a decade to figure this out is ridiculous! 
I have a very strong relationship with colour.
Resize with a digital background..
Certain colours evoke strong feelings for me! Some
  are calming and peaceful. Some colours I just can't live with 
and others do nothing for me! The more vibrant the happier
I feel! Yet I'm not willing to commit to something too wild 
in my large bedroom!

Aesthetically I always know what I love and don't love! It's been
that way most of my life! I am never willing to just settle when it 
comes to colour!! Every colour has been very carefully decided!
I'm often ahead of the times in my choices. By the time
 the colour becomes current I'm usually pushing it out the door!
 Except my loft I have a rich teal that was decided a decade
ago and it was recently repainted again two years
 ago and is now the hot colour for 2017.
I think I may be subliminally influenced by colour! I often
fall in love with a certain shade that seems impossible to
replicate in paint tone!! No matter how close you get
it always seems  a touch off!!
Do you have a relationship with certain colours?
So here I am seven years later still deciding what colour 
I want in my eggplant bedroom. Which by the way 
 never looked the way I had imagined it to.
However it was cozy! Now for a change!
That poor room needs a definite renewal!
I don't know why I am so stuck. I have two 
colourful comforters that I love ....I should
be able to decide. This is a first for me. I 
have a feeling I just don't want the disruption
in my life so that's why there is such a delay! 
I am so blessed that the kids even want 
to paint it!
As I was writing this post I had an epiphany!
I just realized..... I need to paint my room the
same colour as the loft...maybe a shade lighter!
I toyed with the idea before....however it just 
struck me that all my much loved accessories
  would still match, both comforters would
 compliment it! It would go with the rug and  be 
cohesive with the rest of  the upstairs. 
Plus I love the colour!!  
(it's the first picture on this link)
Dressed for Easter I'm enjoying painting these quirky characters and have many more!
 This renewal may seem so superficial,
  in light of all the world  ills!
However it's been a personal struggle
for me who uses colour daily and usually
knows exactly what I want!
Are you looking forward to, or 
working on some type of renewal 
this Spring?   

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!! 
Always remember some BUNNY loves you!! 

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Knowing your Passion

Casey painted then mounted on a digital background
 There was a time when having a diesel vehicle was a form of 
success, we had a sports car then too!  If you lived within a five
 mile radius of where you worked you were also successful.
 If you had a certain education you were successful. If you had a 
home with property you were successful. There have been
 so many measures of success at different intervals in my life.....
but it didn't necessarily  mean you were happy! 
I lived in neighborhoods of the highest echelon and 
still people were so terribly dysfunctional and unhappy!
 Happiness is so subjective.  Having a passion for something
 seems to be key! For some it's fitness, or gardening, or 
creativity, for others it could be  volunteering, or doing for others.
 We all have things that truly make us happy.  How often do
 you ask yourself what that is? I think it really changes over the 
years according to our needs and interests.

 I'm not naive, of course there are many things beyond our control that disrupt
our life, make us unhappy and worried. When life is tough and full of angst
knowing our true passion makes it so much easier 
 anchor us back into happiness. Our passion  can distract us,
comfort us and  be a great source of solace in times of greif.
Reworked from last week...mirror...or twins?
Over the years my world has become smaller. My focus more narrow,
  but my passion for being creative is at the forefront. Even when
I'm creatively stagnant I am waiting for the next creative fix to hit!
   If you asked me why, I could never explain it!
It's a mystery why each of us enjoy different things!
Office Girl so many of these characters are coming to light
Could be conditioning, could be environment, could be innate.
It's hard to say but it is key to feeling content, fulfilled, 
and happy.... after your  initial needs are met of course!
Rain Girl
 The new gauge for success truly is happiness... 
because really, without it, what use is the rest. 
Working girls
 Name a few things that truly make  you happy?
The office Girls
 What do you feel excited to get up for everyday?

Happiness is an expression of the soul in considered actions.
 Burton Hills
Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life.
To live happily is an inward power of the soul.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I cry more now

Revamped paintings with some digital manipulations, love the results!
I Cry More Now!

I'm older and wiser
I  cry more  now
when I see hate
  abuse and neglect.
Dissension in our universe
is sad and overwhelming.
Perspectives are askew
Shandra can't handle the state of the world and needs encouragement.
It's a blamers world.
No one takes responsibility.
People want an easy escape.
There is none.
If you leave a marriage 
there's is fall out,
disillusioned children
broken one way or another.
If you stay in the  abuse
the damage 
Carmen is grieving.
Accepting mental illness 
is heroic....
If you also take responsibility 
for the ramifications,
the damage it inflicts,
the chaos and fear it causes.
Recognizing it as so.
 Defining it otherwise
is an injustice to all
 who have suffered it's terror.
 No one imagines themselves
addicted, homeless, alone.
But, it happens
The stories are missing
as the blame  
In labels, 
abuse, mental illness
Alberta and Al very very loosely sketched and painted...unusual for me.
I cry more now 
when I see the love
I taught my child,
in forgiveness, allegiance 
Athena is full of wonder...she still believes in all the  goodness!
I cry at good deeds
kind moments,
joyous occasions for others
great leaders, humanitarians
trustworthy ethics and kindness
strong women, gentle men
I cry at stories of redemption
good music, cheerful endings
magical moments, philanthropy
I endure the pain of death
and illness. 
I shut my eyes to the
 of abuse, gore, hatred
My mind shuns 
what shreds the fibers of my 
Casey is a constant skeptic...she does give you the benefit of the doubt though.
In reverence I
grapple to shards
of hope!
and the goodness of my beautiful daughter!!

Do you find yourself a bit more emotional these days? 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mothers Wedding gift

Painted an old summer sketch, mounted digitally on a painted acrylic background!
Once divorced my grandmother took her two young girls
to live a province away from their father! A brave feat back
   in her day!  Years later my mother masqueraded as a young 
 woman from a good family.
 She dressed to perfection and held the highest
  ethic in every way! Behind closed doors, her mother
  on many occasions, berated and demeaned her during
her  alcoholic rants! Still mom held her head high!
Sketches done in the summer, painted this week and added a digital background!
Growing up mom heard disparaging remarks
  about her father. He was no fiscal help, and
 one Christmas the girls shared an orange as 
their only gift! Most days there was little to eat, 
but my Nana was a gifted cook who could 
make something from nothing!
Another of the unfinished sketches done in the summer... added  a digital background
 For years Mother had terrible resentment against her
 father! Curious at thirteen, my aunt demanded to 
see him. At seventeen mom begrudgingly accompanied
her younger sibling by train to visit their dad. 
Birds trippin

Even after that visit mom still did not warm
to her father! She was angry her little
sister had  gone without. Angry he 
made no  effort  towards them! 
 While his step daughter
 had all her needs met and more.

Birds in the corner
Vowing never to marry, mom met a kindhearted,
fun, fabulous dancer. She fell passionately in
love and married my father in her early twenties.
  My grandfather finally acknowledged her with
a beautiful wedding  gift. A full bedroom suite!
  It opened the door to a new relationship with his
  his estranged daughter!       
As mother rekindled a relationship with her 
dad she found so much of what her mother
had said  untrue. My grandpa was a gentle
kind loving man. He was a talented fiddler 
and woodworker and very funny! Everyone
loved him. He had a big generous kind
heart and in fact gave so much credit to
those in need that he lost his corner store!
Photo Credit Cupcake
Over the years mom had a better long
term relationship with her dad than she
ever had with her mom! She learned his
language which her sister never spoke.
  I only remember him as a loving jolly generous 
wise grandpa who always gave us kids hugs
 quarters and giggles! I loved his European
 accent and can be known to mimic it to this day!

I loved his visits, Mom was always so happy
 when he came to town! They'd talk into
 the wee hours, many nights in a row!
 My aunt  complained that grandpa wasn't
 getting enough rest! To which mom would retort,
"He'll sleep when he's dead!"
Photo Credit Cupcake
Mom held a lot of guilt about the anger
 she felt towards him as a child. She was 
 broken when he passed!
Sanded off layers of white, pink, orange, brown, and purple then primed and repainted!
When I was a little girl my father cut 
up the vanity table from their wedding
suite to make me two side tables.
For the past fourty four years I have
carted those side tables around with
me to every house I've lived in!
 72 year old piece! Once used as childhood bedside tables, New hardware and paint job....

They have been multiple colours over 
the years to match each home decor. The 
last few years I considered replacing 
them.  Even wondering why I
kept them so long. They were such
an integral part of my childhood.
With my parents having  passed
so young I think it may have been
a way to keep a part of them with
 Before, painted purple for 15 years.....painted tray on top for a larger surface.
The mere suggestion that I replace
  them with something more current 
was rebuked by both kids! Who instead
of covering them  with another layer of paint
took them down to bare wood and
repainted them yellow!
Refreshed Family room side table repainted yellow, eventually we'll get a black couch. 
We all carry many layers, some less flattering 
than others! We can't just sand them off, or
paint them over! We can however refresh our
 attitude and perspective. Once my grandfather
made an effort to acknowledge his daughter
she was able to forgive him!
That forgiveness bought her more years of joy
than her childhood pain! For mom it was so worth it!
For us kids too!  
My two favourites dressed in green for Saint Patrick's day last week!
 Do you carry things around you 
should have left behind years ago?
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