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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Smoke, Concerts and Slurpee Adventures!

First time having alphabet pretzels, I made this for the kids.....always looking for giggle!
 I haven't  been on my  upstairs pc. much this week!
It's super hot,  and gradually getting hotter daily! 
 I  hadn't planned to blog this week, but changed my
mind last minute!! I'm busy with a bunch of wip.
I'll have a lot more art to show in Sept...for now just happily creating...

Love how blue and sparkly Cupcakes eyes are in this photo!!
It's Beardos Birthday on Saturday! I wrote him a long 
personal loving letter instead of doing a post for him!
As you may know we don't exchange gifts. I do however
pay for a concert or two. This week Cupcake got tickets
to Neil Diamond, day of, and they were really reasonable!
 Beardos brothers happen to take their 70  year old old mom, as
  it's her favourite artist! We all love Neils music and it was
  his 50th anniversary tour, so the kids were excited to see
him a second time!!! Not much into crowds I am 
always happier just to listen to the album and spend
my money on art supplies!!
The kids painted the large bathroom in the heat all weekend  then two concerts this week.
 The next day the kids went to  Bob Dylan whom they have 
seen two other times!!  It's my era yet I've never seen him or
most of the other shows they've seen live. This concert I am happy to
 report was excellent! As the last one fell a bit short compared
 to their first Dylan experience!!
These two are fabulous as delayed gratification as they
await concert dates often months after their Celebrations!
Fortunately there is a Rodriguez concert right on 
Beardos Birthday that he's absolutely thrilled about
  seeing. The movie Searching for Sugarman
is a fabulous story about Rodriguez's life!
We loved the movie and the music. 
Love their sparkly happiness...concerts are truly their forte!! 
Changing colours when it's a good combination make me so happy!!
 Not everything is always roses and buttercups, although
I do try to highlight that!! Sometimes people Cupcake
let heavy juicy watermelons roll out of the fridge  on their watch.
Having it smash to the floor leaving sticky juicy bits everywhere!
Check out how the " H" on my Laugh above the stove is  cut off....
Sometimes all you can do is Laugh and drink the
 remaining juice out of the watermelon! Then
help your partner clean up the mess! That's
what I call messy fun!! Glad I didn't have to
clean it up!!
Heres a photo a day before the deep smoke 
haze set into the lower mainland!!
British Columbia has had nearly one million acres burn 
 since all the fires started up country.  Not since I was five
has this happened. All the smoke has wafted all the
way down the coast to Vancouver!!  Many of the fires
are a 5 to 8 hour drive away from us!!
Hazy Sunset in Crescent Beach photo credit Cupcake!
There are many weather advisories and you can
smell it even thought it's hundreds of miles away!
 It hasn't bothered me so far but I have
stayed in the house!
Thick smoke haze from way up country!!
Todays weather!! double that and add 30 or  92F

This night they got dinner and brought it to the beach!!
Last Saturday Cupcake wanted to take a photo of the 
mariachi band playing at the opening of  a new family
 owned taco place  in our area!! She would have 
have delighted in trying their home style tacos had 
she not had food poisoning from Chipolte two days
 before her deviated septum surgery a few years  
ago. Ever since, the thought of anything taco,
 or black bean related is nauseating for her!
After taking a few photos  she headed to meet Beardo 
at seven eleven, where he was filling their two  huge 
thermoses with Slurpee's. Liquid sustenance  sugar  
to tied them over while painting the hot  upstairs 
bathroom! Cupcake grabbed the Slurpees 
to pay while Beardo quickly used the washroom. At
the register a man behind her asked if both
 cups/thermoses were filled with liquid.
They are quite a sight to see!! Meanwhile the
 cashier kept asking her if she would like a
  " (*&$%^;((*&@#$;*@##$*(;(^%%$ "
she said pardon several times!! Then finally
figured out he was asking  if she wanted
a punch card for her Slurpee's. At least
that's what she figured he said, after an 
embarrassing amount of "pardons?"
The man behind her volunteered, "He asked
 if you'd  like some wings!" A bit flabbergasted
 Cupcake  let out an embarrassing giggle!
 "Oh I thought he asked if I wanted a punch 
card!! The persistent Cashier asked once again
 if she wanted to try a  chicken wing.... "No thank-you" 
she responded in kind, still a bit embarrassed.
As she walked out the door two mugs in hand
an old man scratching lottery tickets said
  " Wow those are the biggest jugs I have
 ever seen!" She giggled wishing she had 
been quicker  on her feet and said," That's a first"
That's one area she is NOT her mothers daughter!!
She left giggling.......
Some how truth is stranger than fiction 
on their seven eleven adventures!! 
Jugs on the beach!!
Other than art supplies and shoes,
what is your favourite thing to spend 
money on? 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

More Revisions

Sneak Peak of my new abstract canvas.

Recently Cupcake and Beardo went to the corner gas
 station  to get a slurpy. Their guilty pleasure on
 the hottest days of summer!! As Cupcake waited 
in the car she noticed two young women
 walking towards the door!
Another fun background page I  revamped to  use in different ways!!

  At first Cupcake thought wow those girls are
 dressed in pretty skimpy skirts for their 
size.Then she scolded herself for having
 those thoughts!! Reminding herself not 
to have any shaming thoughts about women.
 Telling herself that it's great they have 
such strong confidence in what they like.
She tried to find as many positives
about the girls as she could!! After all
  she's have worn  similar clothes when
 she was younger too!!
Think out of your box too....could you make greeting cards from some of your patterns?
 Cupcake is quite aware of all the controversy
back in my day, how hard women fought
to wear what they want!! It was a hot day
and she didn't give it another thought!!
Left this for this week because I had too much to share last week. More ways to reuse your artwork!
When Beardo returned slurpies in hand,
he was a little shook up. The two girls
 had attempted to film him and another
male reacting as the  one girl
  bent over in front of them!!
My silly digital characters even make some unique fun pieces!! Not for everyone!!
Both men saw  what was happening
and managed to quickly turn away
before reacting or being filmed!!
Neither man spoke to each other
but quickly purchased their drinks
and left!!
Re-purposed images shrunk small!!
I guess we all have to be aware that
we can be secretly or blatantly filmed 
in public now! Cupcakes snap 
judgement wasn't as bitchy as she
first thought but rather a really good
dose of intuition!!
I despise this art piece yet  managed to find bits of pattern I could break down to use!

My favourite shoes are 7 and 11   which is 
funny because that's where the story began!!
7,8,9 are made from this pattern after digitally changing the colours!
Have you ever been filmed without knowing
 it until later? Have you ever filmed 
anyone who wasn't aware?

Friday, July 21, 2017

Revising your art

Digitally altered to a pink card I had printed up at Vista Print to use generically!
I create art only for myself to fill my life with
 colour. At times it's for  a charity event, 
or for a few close friends. Yearly I have a set
 of  generic greeting cards made with my images
to acknowledge personal Birthdays and other
 special occasions. Other than that I find creating 
is just a way to feed my soul and connect
with other like minded creatives!
This is the original orange painting I made as a card for my friends Birthday
 Looking for different ways to do things has always
been my forte even as a child!! If I didn't have
  things I needed or wanted I found a way to reinvent
  other items. Hence my way of looking at the world
 is often a little different than others!!
This was one side of a wood cigar box type purse made in 2006 for an art show.
I digitally took bits and pieces from the art purse, shrunk the writing to make this repeat pattern!!
It was added to image 1 below to make something 
completely different! Looking at your artwork through 
new eyes is not only fun but gives it new heart! 
The artwork following this collage will show you
  all the art I shrunk down, resized and recreated
  to customize each item!! 
I  recreated my art to use in this  six image collage. Click to enlarge

Original acrylic painting done about four years ago....

 When raising my child if things weren't working,
instead of giving up, or making excuses I looked
for new solutions!! Google makes that so much
easier today. Years ago it meant contemplating
an issue on your own, researching at the library,
or asking friends. Either way it always made me
seek new ways to do things.
This digital image  was taken from original acrylic painting above

Lately I have been looking at my artwork in
new ways during the lull. Finding different
  ways to use what I already have!! I wanted to 
share how fun and unique our artwork can
 look being revised for something wearable!
Pattern for image 2 in my collage, revised and shrunk down from the two above pieces!

This  is a really large painting I did several year ago by cutting some of my own stencils.
 The painting above is called "Letting go" I used it 
for image 3 and 4 in my collage!!

My original acrylic bear used for image 5!
 Digitally shrunk down and made into a pattern for image 5

This is an original acrylic background made in an art journal!!
Changed the above painting into this digital piece by piecing it together to make a smaller pattern!

I was wanting to have a pair custom made up
for Beardos Birthday of course I'm planning 
on making a piece of more masculine art 
  in his colours... with his approval of course!
We shall see how it goes!! This is what I  
have done to test things, my favourite is 4 and 6!

Do you have a favourite?
Have you ever had your artwork
made into something special that
you love?

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Who knows you?

Who really knows you? It's interesting how many people 
we can talk to over the course of a lifetime, some never
 really know us! They may think they do, but never seem 
to inquire about  anything of substance! 
So how can they truly know us?
I recently surprised my  goddesses friends by showing up 
unexpectedly at their morning breakfast soiree! I was a little
 verklempt on my country drive at the prospect of seeing 
them all! The joy and love on their faces was beyond 
what I could have imagined! It warmed my heart so much!
My mobility often makes it difficult to get around the
 way I used to! This one Sunday everything aligned
 perfectly so I showed up!  I felt loved and welcomed, 
it was as though we hadn't missed a beat!
 It was wonderful to see all my friends of over three decades!
  They know me, and I like to think I know them!
   We're all so interested in hearing the  details of each others
  lives! The goofy parts about aging as well as the
as the  blunders and joys that we experience! It's
always such an authentic loving group with an 
amazing life long bond whether we show up or not!
Then there are the phone calls with relatives, and
although you speak for a long stretch of time
 they never  inquire about your life! You hang 
up slightly perplexed, left wondering if you even
matter to them.
I have known some extended family for over 
twenty years, they  still don't know our
story. They never even asked the basic
 daily questions for conversation!
Funny thing is, a lot of Beardos large
 family doesn't  know him either!! 
Many have never heard  the music
 he's written, they have no idea how
  many instruments he can  play.
They've no  idea his other extensive talents either!!
They haven't a clue what his interests are,
 or what his opinions are! He is
a bit reserved and  unlikely to tell
 you much if you aren't interested enough to  ask.

Truthfully I prefer those types of people don't
know our story anyway! However I find
it interesting that they've never attempted
to find out more about us! Or to 
build an intimate relationship that's
more than one sided. Especially
after years of being around them!
  We know every intimate part of their
stories in detail!
Recently Gypsy goddess sent a very
old friend a special poem she had written for her.
Something she had never done before.
Her friend responded by sending her back
  a photo of a gorgeous painting she had painted. 
Neither had known each others 
special talents all these years!!

Here are my questions to you! 
Who truly knows your authentic self? 
Who in your circle do you need to know better?
Are you asking the right questions?
Who do you wish knew you better?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Changed Perspective

Holiday loves to watch the birds and hugs the trees!!
You know when something is mentioned a few times,
by different people during the week I am bound to
address that subject in my blog!! It's interesting how
we can all perceive things so completely differently!
Even family members can be hard wired in opposite ways!
Lizzie prefers to engage with happy people full of spunk!!
Of course different perspectives makes the world more
interesting to some, and mad to others!!  Even though 
I have strong core beliefs, I've always kept an open mind!
 Able to change when I hear or read better perspectives!!
Gloria is a very friendly neighbour, sometimes even too friendly!!
The other day Cupcake and I did a huge and I mean
 very extensive purge on my double closets. I was focused on
whether I might need one of those articles of clothing in the future.
 Even though my philosophy the last few years has been 
if you love it, or it's useful it can stay! Other wise it 
needs to find a new home!
Simone is annoyed that she has to watch her kids swim, when she has so much housework!
I was overwhelmed as my daughter pulled scads of full 
hangers from my closet for me to root through. 
Although I did a big purge a while back there still
way too many things I hadn't released!
The purge was my idea, my daughter was 
very kind and  didn't pressure me at all!!
So far I had one coat in the bag, and many
keep piles surrounding me!
Zola just got her Masters in psychology, now if only she could figure herself out!

 Then Cupcake brought out this long beige
 ( I prefer to call it sand coloured as I hate beige)
cotton summer vest that's about two decades old. 
Very classic boring style that fits over a dress,
a skirt or pants!! It's difficult to find things long 
enough to go over ones bum! This was the only
reason I ever bought it!! Cupcake automatically
placed it in the giveaway pile!! Held herself back
from teasing me, while explaining that I would
  probably never wear it again, kindly suggesting
it may not even fit any longer!
 In that moment I had an epiphany!!
Oh my goodness... I hadn't even thought to
try the clothes on....I just kept what I liked/loved!
I was reasoning what I kept in a completely different way!
After the new perspective I let it rip and joyfully
tossed everything  into the giveaway pile!
Jenny is polish, abhors her large ears, so she covers them with hair!
She was surprised at the change in my demeanor.Cupcake
had taken piles of clothes downstairs to launder since many
were dusty from sitting unworn in the back of the closet.
 I had a new perspective. I even tossed  gave to charity 
some of the laundered clothing!
I was trying everything on, if it wasn't comfortable it
was gone, gone, gone!! Then I started thinking about
the joy another larger woman would get being able
to buy them for a song in a thrift store! Many I had
really enjoyed over the years!!  A few things still had
price tags as I aged out on them, (halter dress).
When all was said and done we had a few laughs.
She said if it was my last day on earth she knows
 I wouldn't want to be caught dead in beige!
 Oh how right Cupcake was!
  I'd rather be found bra-less with a paint spilled
messy long sleep shirt on than anything beige!! 
Joy is slightly worried about a presentation she must do for her business meeting!
That day I was able to happily fill up four huge bags of clothes!
We purged close to one hundred items from our home!
Cupcake is on this kick to get rid of 465 items a month!
In the minimalism challenge! It can include a broken pencil,
clothes, toys, anything, you recycle, give to charity, or toss!
She is 100 things short of her goal this month so 
tomorrow I am getting into our big bathroom....
see if I can help her out!! 

George is debating whether to weed the garden in the heat!
So glad I had her by my side to give me a new

Has anyone changed your perspective lately?

Are you a minimalist?

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