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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Making Room for good things!!

I've had this Halloween boot for over 20 years now and I still love it!
A few weeks ago I was inspired by Katjas  post as she fought purging some of her outdated art supplies. It's funny how we change our styles as we evolve. Several months ago we did a big blitz on my art supplies. They tended to surround me in boxes, instead of being neatly put away. Many I never touched. Although I got rid of loads of stuff....
 I feel the urge to do this once again!! 
We live in a Colourful house! Beardo before thanksgiving dinner!!
I started using up little bottles of paint I had squirreled away in a  plastic drawer originally stored under the stairs, but is now in my bedroom closet!! Years old, many are clumped up and thick....but I thought I would incorporate them into some of my latest work and I am very pleased with how it has turned out!!  It's a bit of a newer style for me but I love the little isolated patterns of swirled paint married on the canvas!! 
A very old hanging I gessoed over and painted!!
For months now almost everything in site has been getting a repaint of some sort! Many furniture pieces have been painted white! I was ready to release some of the whimsy in my home!! I have outgrown some of the colour combinations. Painting it out white or a plain colour has been a nice relief. I have always said a change is as good as a rest!! 
Those little hearts up the stairs are our homes code of conduct!
  Of course there will always been loads of colour in my home, proof are the gypsy pink living room walls, the teal throughout the upstairs!! Still there are punches of colour everywhere because I just can't live without it!! Neither can my family who loves colour...except Cupcake for some reason prefers blank walls in her bedroom. Which is so strange to me!! 
This Llama is Cupcakes spirit animal that they stopped the car for, so she could have a chat with him!!
Growing up she started with red, white and blue in her room with an ikea rainbow comforters
I made. Then she had a pink room with a teddy bear boarder ceiling height. Her third room was  electric blue with purple and blue furniture. For the last ten years as a couple they've  had a black room, which  they love!! Now black just happens to be the trend. 
I have always been years ahead on trend colours!! The teal upstairs is the first time I have kept a colour longer than ten years!!  I am rambling... my orginal thought was  once you 
release all the old things in your life it makes room for new things that are needed! 
These pricey heart shoes were left  in the store. Beardo and I insisted Cupcake get them. Three days later they came home with her!!

If you carry around old stuff that isn't being used or valued it just takes up energy and takes away from letting newer better things into your life!! Time and time again we have given so much away and not a week or two later new good things come into our lives so unexpectedly in the strangest ways!! Whether a friend drops by and gives us a bread maker, or we win a contest, or a discontinued perfume magically becomes available at a discount store!! Time and time again new and wonderful things come into our life once we release our old things into the universe!! On rare occasion we sell things, but monthly we give a few bags to charity! The same goes for giving gifts, making food for others, giving away baking... Mother always said what you give away comes back ten fold....how right she was!!
Flashback Friday to when the kids were still teens!

Our intention has always been to give from the heart, we never expect the things we  receive it just happens!! Each and every time we are so grateful!

Do you get rid of things regularly? Have you noticed better things come into your life when you do? Are you a natural giver?

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Sad Week

perplexed faces
Such a heartbreaking week. I have been crying off and
  on, sleeping short intervals at a time, and dreaming 
every single time the whole week long! Not since the 
   twin towers tragedy when my brother, the faidy cat flyer
 was stuck in Toronto sleeping at some random 
relatives of his ex, trying to avoid  their stinky pillows
 have I felt this way!
I remember feeling so devastated for the people whose
innocent family members went to work and never came
homes. I was sick for days.

Cupcake and Beardo were married in Vegas, Cupcake 
often went there for business trade shows, and as you
know they both love their concerts! Even though country
 music isn't the genre they gravitate to,  a few artists
they love fall under that umbrella. My kids  could have
 easily been one of those concert goers! My heart 
sinks every time I think of it!
I just had to paint  to divert my brain. Four sad faces appeared.
Sadly even though this happened nothing will change either!
People keep doing the same thing over and over
expecting a different result! The exact definition of 
insanity! Truly this senseless tragedy is a form
 of insanity in a civilized world!
I wanted to try some different features like this bulbous nose!
Last week a baby born a few months too 
early at a pound and a half died. Cupcake
   grew up with the father since kindergarten
 These natural devastating circumstances 
are difficult enough to  cope with.
 I knew this man as a sweet little boy..... 
I partied and laughed with his mom, saw
her daily at school drop off and pick up!
I went to their trailer on the lake, and drove
  on the back  of his dads snowmobile during 
an epic snow storm. We've all gone in different
directions now but my heart still  broke for 
him and his family!
Tuesday Beardo found out a man who visited him
  regularly at work for years  passed away last month.
The sweet father like figure and his wife even 
showed up at one of Beardos concerts. Something
his own parents have never done! He adored
  Beardo and the feeling was mutual. Last night
we watched Gords beautiful memorial video
at separate times. We both went into the ugly
cry on separate floors!! I only met the man 
and his wife once but he reminded me of
my dad. I was so happy this good
man has such an affinity for my dear 
son in law!! He'll be missed.
Then yesterday we found out Cupcakes dad 
was in a car accident in another Country.
Thankfully he is okay. He was shook
up and sore! His wife was hurt but should 
be okay.That's a blessing since the phone 
call could have been a whole lot different.
  I'm sure they are still in shock, we're
so grateful the news wasn't worse,
considering the tone of this week!
There is a housing crisis in our area
and renters are becoming needlessly
homeless. It is scary for the average
person, especially single moms
which I have a real heart for!
One of the tent cities has a virus
Truly time  for me to absorb
a great Netflix marathon
and count my blessings!!
I'm so grateful that Cupcake takes so 
many photos and shares them ALL 
with me!! All the outdoor photos 
are credited to her!
I'm daily grateful that my kids tote
anything I need up and downstairs
for me since it's difficult to carry
things with a cane!
I'm grateful to see my daughter
in that beautiful long red sweater
which I too would own if it was 
in my size!!
I'm always grateful to live in Canada,
where I have clean water and a beautiful
roof over my head! There are a million
more things I am grateful for daily...
being alive right now is a really good one!!
 In the past few weeks Beardo has won
two sets of really expensive concert 
tickets which I'm really grateful for!
 As a happy tiler...which I am.....
I'm always grateful for scrabble games
and painting to take my mind away
from such sadness!! 

Tell me something HAPPY about your week!! 

Sorry I didn't get to all the blogs last week
but I promise to catch up!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

We need Solutions!

 I started the following post last January. Sadly things seem to have exacerbated and we really do have to look for every bit of love and beauty in the world now more than ever if we are to stay sane!! Opening our hearts to new conversations about why people are angry and hurting would probably help too!!
Sharing digital art this week! These have been in my arsenal for months!!
Taking off  the glasses of judgement  to see past the ugliness in our world seems like a great start for change. While raising my daughter if I spotted bad behavior I didn't just assume it was her fault. I asked myself what I could learn from her behavior and how could I direct it correctly. I like to take negativity where ever possible, find out why, what, how it manifested! If one strategy didn't work I'd look  for another until I found a solution!
I haven't shared some of my digital art lately, since I don't have photos of my wip these will have to do!
I was never a mother to tolerate bad behavior. I'd always heard that children will try your patience even seek your attention with negative behavior when the positive isn't working. So I always made sure to leave the room if things were to my dismay. Rewarding only good behavior with my attention. I only wish I'd done that with adults behaving badly. Instead I tended to confront them.  Back in the day, my mindset was  Adults should know better, whereas kids sometimes don't.
This is 90 degrees Fahrenheit...real feel even hotter!! Insane for Autumn weather!
Now I wonder if we ignored the bad acting adults in the world and encouraged only the good  if attitudes might change for the better!  I doubt it!! It seems so many inflate internet banter with trolls who constantly barrage it with nonsense, and stupidity. Not realizing they could be engaging  with a raging alcoholic, a  person in a fit of non medicated mental illness, or a very abused ignorant soul!  When saying nothing can be  message enough. 
This quirky piece was done months ago, I chuckled when I recently saw it!
As a former motor mouth I can tell you silence always spoke volumes to me. I knew instantly there was an opposing opinion. I could be too headstrong for the meek to contend with. Yet I've always appreciated a very strong objective argument written or otherwise.  I often changed my perspective completely after contemplating a fair argument!  Hearing a different perspective often helps me to  rationalize ideas in a new way!  It  helped me grow and change over the years! I'm always grateful to those with opposing views as longs are they are kind in their presentation!

Although I am quite passionate about many issues, I much prefer to spend my energy 
else where  these day! At times I too get revved up, however I  tend to abstain from confrontation! Instead I have passed the torch  to my once very shy Cupcake
 who is now vocal enough for the both of us, and I love it!
  High five Cupcake, always keep your passion alive!! 
Remember it's not what you say, but how you say it that matters!
You make a difference!!
 Cupcake picking blackberries to freeze just like her grandmother use to!
Have you ever had an argument change your
Have you ever engaged the internet trolls? 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Don't Send in the Clowns

I must have hidden my dislike of clowns really well,
because those  closest to me never knew it!
  It was a shocking surprise when my ex after
  probably fifteen years together gifted me a
 clown brooch.  I wore it with reluctance.
The last pages from my friend little booklet!

 Always a bit of a goofball clowning around it
  was no wonder people assumed I liked them!
 One Christmas soon after my daughter was 
born my mother bought her a little clown doll....
Not knowing my particular disdain for clowns, 
 Cupcake also  had an aversion to clowns 
and never liked that doll!

 Years later someone else gifted me another
  clown brooch  feeling it matched my colourful
 self! It was gaudy and scary,   I never
  wore it! Although I did appreciate the kind
 gesture of love! 
Of course I too have given many a gift over
the years that may not have been fitting for 
the receiver. One year I bought the family
funny bird slippers that chirped when you
walked. I thought it would be funny but no 
one was impressed except Cupcake!! I still 
have a set in a Halloween box! Today it would
 be an instagram hit!! Maybe I was a little
ahead of my time!!
 When I was very young  I crocheted a large
blue pillow for my friends new apartment!
 In retrospect it was probably not exactly 
what she was expecting since she gave 
me a beautiful bottle of perfume! I still feel
 embarrassed about that! I always did 
things on a budget, but that time I had
regrets that have lasted thirty five years!!
As time went on I became a better gift giver!
Of course having more money to spend
really helped!! Now when in doubt it's 
booze, good chocolate or money!!
Lap desk in 2015 then it was smeared with paint so I redid it!
Lately there is that ugly clown making the rounds
all over the net. It's impossible to avoid seeing it
somewhere! I have no idea why I dislike them so 
much. Maybe it's because it's so easy to hide
something nefarious behind all the makeup!
Repainted it in Dec 2016, then vanished it!!

Is there something about you 
those closest to you never knew
until late in the relationship?
Full of paint splatters this is Sept 2017 lap desk make over!!
Have you ever given or received a 
a gift you really regretted?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dumb Smart People!

I was the five year old who got pneumonia  during 
a summer hot spell. Incapacitated, on the patio, 
placed between two Adirondack chairs pushed
 together with a pillow for comfort.Not surprising
 I have been discombobulated during our 
recent heat wave!
Before the smoke returned from the wildfires. Two weeks ago.
Wafting smoke sneaks through open windows.

Bothersome for breathing I was in somewhat
of a state of Zombism for several weeks as
I tried to stay hydrated!! Attempting to  rework
older canvases in the evenings. The weather has
cooled and cleared. I 'm now pushing myself
out of complacency in hopes of accomplishing

This is the afternoon sun, hazed over with smoke two weeks ago.
This blog post was written last week but for some
reason I wasn't comfortable posting it as is! So I'm 
revisiting it to post today!
As a former Jill of all trades I often took for
granted my personal variety of gifts. Such
as practicality, intuition, frugality and cooking.
Assuming everyone was capable of the
same skills as me if they only put their mind
to it! I was so wrong! I'm learning we all have
our own aptitude for certain things! I'm pretty 
much a math and geometry idiot except when 
it comes to money!! So I can't really expect
others to be able to time a meal as
perfectly as I could  from the age 
of thirteen! 
Always a kind fair man, it was unusually to hear 
dad jokingly refer to out neighbour as a dumb smart
person. Highly educated, with a great job, she did some
very unwise things! Dad would shake his head in 
disbelief! Especially when it came to her son who
was my brothers childhood best friend!
My fathers observation proved accurate  too many times!
She even boasted to neighbors that for only twenty five
cents an hour they could hire me as a babysitter and
get a house cleaner too!! 
Still sharing more pages from the book I made for my friend!!
  I  did her dishes, tidied up, swept, fold laundry, played with
her children like I was taught!  Sitters rates were fifty cents
per hour. Underpaying me, then belittling my kindness was
unfair and not very smart either! I never babysat for her again
I remember feeling betrayed and hurt when I learned that 
difficult embarrassing childhood lesson! A few of her kids
were unruly and her place was notably sticky and harder 
to clean than most! It was her loss!

 Albeit very capable of absorbing grandiose amounts of text
she was lacking in some social norms.... gratitude for one!
The ability to multitask, organize or give proper direction
was lacking too! I have known so many people so much
 smarter and more educated yet so lacking in other areas
of their life!  I'm flummoxed when a middle aged person
  lives on only ramen noodles during a fiscal down turn.
 Oblivious that it takes four minutes in a microwave 
to cook a potato! Or that you can create a  healthy
  cheap soup for pennies that  fills bellies for days!
Some skills we are gifted with, some  are passed on
 through generations, others are resourced as a means of
 necessity. We definitely are a sum  of our influences, 
inspirations as well as good and bad experiences! 
 There's so much to learn between the lines. It still
 surprises me those who miss the most cost effective 
ideas along the way! I guess it's like couponing, we 
don't all grasp the concept, if we do, it's a gift! 
 Long before google was our indoor library, I'd research
the best way to do things. Today the need for a good
cookbook is nearing extinction. One has only to put
"best" in front of any desired recipe to get an amazing

selection. I still have my tried and true books that 
Cupcake now uses but they are barely necessary! 
You tube is a sensation for learning how to fix almost
anything in your home!

Credit cards jammed up,  business degree, making
 a six figure salary, unable to save even a dime,
 it's perplexing to read them comment on
 provincial finances as though they're qualified!
Do middle schools need to teach more basic
living skills?

 Lately I've noticed some of the most successful 
twenty and thirty something crowd were not 
necessarily the most educated.   However 
they are well rounded kids, diverse and prudent.
They work tirelessly at a skill, have a great 
sense of purpose no matter the adversity!
It amazes me when a person has ten or more years of
education but can't hang a curtain, Or a person with a
masters degree in Marine biology   facilitating  an
environmental program yet ignores blatant 
unsafe disrepair of their home!
It's not always those with the  best skills that are the most 
successful either. Sometimes it's the ones who have the
  tenacity to see things through, use their common
sense and give it  a plain old try! 
Stanley Park, my childhood stomping grounds was a bus ride from home!!
Dad wasn't far off, albeit crass, when he 
 said there are a lot of dumb smart people 
out there!! I've met several along the way that
left me shaking my head too! We have a vessel
 of skills we may not yet have  requisitioned.
Some things we may be completely inept at!
However digging in, helping others, looking
around for new things to do, and reading
 was my way of learning to improve my life!
  I've never been the smartest, and I haven't
  always made the best choices.  However  
I do have a lot of  common sense...
and sometimes I use it! 
However it seems,
  "Common sense is a flower
 that does not grow in everyone's garden!"
Does it grow in your garden and do
you always heed it? 
Enjoying a Fleetfoxes concert at Stanley park Sept 13th 2017

Concert in  Stanley park photo credit Cupcake...
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